Humor bibliográfico / Bibliography Humor

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Gracias Señor por nuestro caminar hacia EAVIA

25 Of the Most Dangerous  and Unusual Journeys to School in the World

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News Summary- EAVIA English Class 7th-8th grade

During the workshop “News Summary” given in your English class, a copy of this document has been distributed to you, now it has been provided for you to access 24/7 in this blog.News Summary

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Article Summary Template (Draft)

Three templates to create your draft of an article summary.

Summarize an article draft template


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Book Report (pre-college level)

Science Book Report Writing Template underline 9th

Dear students, in this link you will see the book report template was discuss in the library.

I hope you do a great book report, but if you have some doubt, communicate with me by this blog.

Sincerely, Mrs. Carmen Amelia Acevedo your online librarian.


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Tips to avoiding plagiarism

Tips to avoiding plagiarism

A simple description about how avoid plagiarism.

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How to Stop Procrastinating- Helpful Tips


Procrastinate- to defer or delay (action). –Random House Webster’s Dictionary

Procrastinate- to delay doing something until later because you do not want to do it. –MacMillan School Dictionary

“Procrastination, we may not even realize we’re doing it” (“How we Procrastinate”). Here some helpful tips to avoid it.

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