APA references guide to EAVIA students

APA references- presented by Mrs. Acevedo

Dear students:

This APA references guide will help you to present your Science Fair Project or any task.

You can use this paper as a guide to create your APA references and practice them. I will glad to check them and help you to understand the importance to write the references and the correct order to present in your project. This is one way to avoid plagiarism.

You can send your project references to my email: caracevedo@aguadilla.inter.edu or bring to the library and I will check them.

Sincerely, Mrs. Amelia Acevedo, your online librarian.



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Referencia de este Blog en estilo APA 6ta ed.

Ejemplo de Referencia APA 6ta edición de un blog.

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5 Postural Exercises Using a Classroom Chair

Bad posture cause short-term pain or more long-term structural damage.

To help your posture in the school time read “Tip_to a good Posture

5 Postural Exercises Using a Classroom Chair.

Be a healthy kid!!!


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Database Check list- Science Journals

Databases Check list Science Journals

EAVIA 11th and 12th students to Science class.


  • Analyze, interpret, and conduct research with digitized primary source documents using databases.
  • Research for scientific article related to environmental contamination.
  • Write the APA reference for that article.

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Vídeo con instrucciones APA 6ta ed.

Vídeo donde demuestra las instrucciones para preparar tu computadora y crear la monografía estilo APA 6ta ed.

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Humor bibliográfico / Bibliography Humor

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Gracias Señor por nuestro caminar hacia EAVIA

25 Of the Most Dangerous  and Unusual Journeys to School in the World



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