Parts of a book

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Parts of a book:

  • Cover – shows the title and the author of a book.
  • Back Cover– the back of a book
  • Spine– side of a book
  • Title Page – shows the title, author and publisher of a book.
  • Publication information– Title page back and contents the publisher information.
  • Text pages – the most important part of a book – the story.
  •  Preface-introduction of the author and presents the reason why the book was written.
  •  Table of Contents- arranges the contents in order. (Perhaps showing the chapter titles and pages to locate the information.)
  •  Glossary-a small dictionary of a book. This is commonly seen at the back end of the book. This is a list of words used by the author, usually hard words and in glossary they put the meaning of the words.
  • Index- gives the page number of a certain word/phrase. This can also be found at the end of the book.
  • Bibliography- This is a list of the books of a specific author or publisher, or on a specific subject that was used to write the book.
  • Colophon- Publishing history and date.

 Adapted by Mrs. CA Acevedo from: Different parts of the book and their meaning.

A curious meaning:Librocult

THERE’S A WORD FOR THIS?! The etymology of the word is hard to pin down, but most claim it to be a made up of its Latin parts: Liber, meaning book, and cubiculum, meaning bedroom. It was first used, it is thought, in 1921 by Christopher Morley in his book, Haunted Bookshop. It also appears to have been an answer to a question in the 1981 genius edition of Trivial Pursuit.  (Tara Curley,2014)


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Partes del libro Evaluación para páginas de Internet


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