Prezi to 10th grade- Music Class

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Information Literacy= manage the information for your task


1) Identify the information Your task:

1.1) Create a Prezi presentation about the Periods of Music History

Date to presented the draft: Feb 12, 2016

Oral presentation date: Feb 23 & 24

2) Localize the information 2.1) CAI Data bases-information-literacy-model

2.2) Recommended websites

2.3) Another websites (no Wikipedia to cited)

2.4) Encyclopedia or book

Recompiled the bibliographies: Works Cited

(7th– 3 bibliographies, 10th– 5 bibliographies)


3) Evaluate the information 3.1) You must validate the information, save your selection (recommended in your Portable Memory or in the cloud).

3.2) www. evaluation= date, author, domain, academic level.


4) Use the information 4.1) Communicate the results of the investigation. (Prezi)

4.2) What I learned?


Presentation for 10th grade:

1) Period – date – introduction – general characteristics – instruments – 1 + 2  composers’ biographies and one link to listen the music of one (do not repeat). 5 minutes oral presentation.


Prezi instructions

1) Create a Prezi account. Note your username and password in a secure place, because you can work with it at your home.

  1. a) go to the bottom of the page and click Get started today

  1. b) There PUBLIC click (right side), them go to Continue Free.
  2. c) Create your Free Public Account.
  3. d) Email- new password (please remember it). Choose student, High school.
  4. e) Them watch the Tutorial video.
  5. f) Started to create your Prezi presentation.

2) You must have your information already (in Word), about the Period and the composers.

3) Choose the template you want to use.

4) Start to include all your research in the Prezi presentation.

  1. a) data= period characterizes, date, instruments, composers biographies data.
  2. b) portrait= pictures
  3. c) sound link
  4. d) video link

5) Do not use a lot of special effects because it can cause dizziness.

6) Sure you save it.

7) Prepared and practice your presentation.

Presented by Mrs. CA Acevedo, Librarian

Nov. 7, 2015


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How to write a biography Guide: Periods of Music History


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